If You Write, You Are a Writer



One of the things we face as writers is the idea that, unless we are published, we are not ‘real’ writers.

What we need to do to break through this idea of ourselves as ‘fakes’ or whatever self-diminishing term you are using is to look at writing as a state of mind, rather than an end result.

We are Writers because of the way we look at the world. We see things in our world and wonder how to put them into our writing; we overhear conversations in the supermarket and think about how that would fit as a talk between our heroine and her friend.


Remember that every Writer who has achieved fame and ‘success’ started off where you are; handwriting or typing word after word onto a page. There is no shortcut to having your work written. You simply need to get down to it.

Look for hacks but don’t spend all your time preparing to write better. You only write by writing.

The Artist’s Date as refilling the well.

Refinding the muse.


We’ve been told that when our creative energy is lagging sometimes a break to revisit our favourite writers and being inspired by them can help us refind the ‘muse’. However, sometimes we find ourselves comparing our early drafts to their finished ones and are discouraged rather than encouraged.

I think that a different way to recharge the batteries is to visit the work of an artist in a different media. Go to the museum, go to an art gallery, watch a movie or listen to an album. Find a way to get out of your own way as a writer.


People often talk about ideas as a writer and how important it is to pay attention to them and honouring them and all that.

While it’s important to have ideas and to keep track of them, ideas are useless by themselves. You need to act upon them.

So, in a way, ideas are really the seed of the story in the way that wheat is the base of bread; it’s the start but there’s a lot of work and skill required to create the bread of a story.



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