The Time You Make is The Time You Take:





One of the biggest things I’ve heard from writers just starting out is “Where do I find the time to write?”

You don’t find it
You MAKE it, just like you make time to poop, shower, eat, dress and watch Reality TV.

Speaking of which, if you watch reality TV,  but want to be a Writer….then two things…
1)Shame on you.
2)Kiss it good bye….

No more Honey Boo Boo, but hello 55 minutes of writing time.The thing I had to do…and trust me, this was hard, because Mike loves him some sleep….I get up an hour early……Which also means I go to bed earlier as well…..
This wasn’t so hard to do as I’d just been staying either watching YouTube videos of dreck or trying to write, forgetting that writing while tired never got me anywhere.So, what I’ve tried to do is get into good habits at night time and accept that I won’t be creating quality work after a certain time, so there’s no point in trying.Has it worked?
Yes and no, but I accept that it’s a work in progress and I’m not going to give up on at least trying to make it part of my writing practice.